Aloha Sunkissed Waterproof  Hemp Sunscreen

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Aloha Sunkissed Waterproof Hemp Sunscreen

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Aloha Sunkissed sunscreen is water resistant, made with all healthy ingredients, goes on like a dream, a little goes a long way and really works. This has a natural proof SPF of 38-40. This is also REEF SAFE for the Hawaiian islands. It is safe for babies.

How to use

Rub a thin layer onto the skin and rub into the skin. This can be reapplied every couple of hours. Once you see that is not bubbling up on your skin you know that you will need to reapply it. It is safe for the face too. 


Organic Cocoa Butter (SPF 15), Calendula Wax  (Makes product waterproof), Organic Coconut oil (SPF 8), Organic Hemp oil (SPF 6), Zinc Non-Nano (SPF 30).