Aloha Sunkissed Waterproof Sunscreen

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Aloha Sunkissed Waterproof Sunscreen

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Experience the true spirit of Aloha with our Sunkissed Sunscreen - Hawaiian style!

🌺 Aloha Sunkissed Sunscreen - Embrace the Sun Safely! 

🏝️ Dive into the Hawaiian waters worry-free, as our sunscreen is water-resistant and Reef Safe for the beautiful Hawaiian islands!

🥥 Made with love and all-natural, healthy ingredients like Organic Cocoa Butter (SPF 15), Calendula Wax (making it waterproof), Organic Coconut Oil (SPF 8), Organic Hemp Seed Oil (SPF 6), and Zinc Non-Nano (SPF 30).

☀️ Dreamy Application: Glides on like a gentle Hawaiian breeze, and a little goes a long way!

👶 Safe for the Ohana: Suitable for babies and gentle enough for the most delicate skin!

🌞 Natural Proof SPF: With an effective SPF range of 38-40, you can bask in the sun's warmth with peace of mind!

🤙 How to Use: Simply rub a thin layer onto your skin, reapply every few hours, and for the face too!

🌊 Love Your Skin and the Reef: Our sunscreen not only protects you but also ensures the vibrant marine life of Hawaii stays preserved!