Black Velvet Raspberry Soap
Black Velvet Raspberry Soap

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Black Velvet Raspberry Soap

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🌺 Experience the Magic of Fruit-Farm Freshness!

Indulge in the sweet scents of Peach, Coconut, Strawberry, Wild berry, and Bergamot, as if you're strolling through a breathtaking fruit farm. Let the enchanting notes of Jasmine, Rose, and Violets transport you to a heavenly garden escape!

Introducing our Organic Fruit & Floral Soap, a magical blend that leaves your skin smelling irresistibly sweet and herbaceous. Crafted with love, this soap features a thoughtfully selected list of premium ingredients:

🍃 Organic Olive oil for nourishing moisture.

🥥 Organic Coconut oil for a luscious tropical touch.

🌿 Organic Shea Butter for a velvety softness.

🌿 Organic Hemp Seed oil for added skin-loving benefits.

🌸 Castor oil for a gentle cleansing experience.

💧 Distilled Water for pure, refreshing goodness.

🌺 Kaolin Clay to gently purify and revitalize.

🌿 Fragrance oil (Non-Phthalate) for an all-natural aroma.

⚫ Charcoal to detoxify and cleanse deeply.

🎨 Mica and Titanium Dioxide for a hint of natural color.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the luxury of nature's bountiful scents and the nourishment of organic goodness. Elevate your bathing ritual with this artisanal creation that's as beautiful as it is effective.